You know what to trade, but do you know when to trade?

Make decisions based on mathematical insight, not emotions, guesswork and the noise in the market. We believe that 95% of everything out there is just noise and only 5% is truly essential. In an industry where everything is complex, slow, ambiguous, difficult and time-consuming, we bring crystal clarity.

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Are you satisfied with the illusion of control,
or are you searching for real control?

The foreign exchange market is more complex than we can imagine. We cannot correctly interpret the millions of complex pieces of information and news that affect the market. Nor can we know in advance how millions of traders will react to all the information. Having our views influenced by a financial newsletter where an analyst has built his whole analyses around an isolated three or four news items, is a scary proposition. His view may make us feel better, safer and more in control, but it is an expensive illusion.

Pieter-Francois Theron CEO

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The market is unpredictable,
but you know that.

Foreign exchange markets are volatile, especially the Rand against other currencies. Our system measures whether the force of demand or supply is in control, and our market view helps you understand and manage the risk. We do this by focusing not on the fundamentals, but on the patterns found in the market prices themselves. These are not financial patterns, but the mass emotional and psychological human patterns of fear and greed. Fundamentals change, but human behaviour consistently repeats itself.

Stop the emotional trading, say goodbye to stress and start winning

All human behavioural biases are hard-wired into our brains to help us make quick decisions. But, quick, emotional and stress-inducing trading decisions are usually incorrect and costly. With CardinalNow you will be confident, making the best timing decisions. Our system provides defensive consistency regardless of market conditions. Never be caught off-guard again.

Focus on your core business.

Foreign exchange is not your core business or area of expertise. It is ours. Our mathematical insight removes your trading stress. We do not replace your bank or infrastructure. We simply become the trigger that sets your current systems going at the optimal time.

CardinalNow is the perfect mathematical solution.

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    CardinalNow does not guarantee 100% accuracy in its predictions. Foreign exchange price movements are uncertain future events, and accordingly, no perfect predictions can be made regarding the future state of any foreign exchange trends or prices. CardinalNow’s decision-making process is based on a rigorous mathematical and statistical model which is robust over a period of trading, and its predictions may not be correct with every trade. No representation is being made that any associated advice or training will guarantee profits, nor eliminate all losses from trading. The reader / user / company understands and agrees to undertake its own due diligence relating to transactions or business decisions.