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Fundamental analysis focuses on economic and political data to determine future market behaviour. While a longer-term fundamental view of the market can be correct, it does not inform “when” to exchange. Shorter-term, day to day trading remains full of surprises and can cause you to still be wrong regularly.

Our unique mathematical system is based on technical analysis. CardinalNow identifies patterns in foreign-exchange rates created by mass psychology and market sentiment. It determines the most probable future movements in the market and provides the “when” to trade. By keeping our finger on the pulse of price itself, we are reactive, not predictive.

CardinalNow is a defensive, risk mitigating system that focuses on long-term results.

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Pieter Francois Theron | Founder / CEO
  • Watch this video to see the benefits of utilising mathematics in analysing foreign exchange markets.

  • The above screen shot reflecting an ongoing strengthening trend of the ZAR against the US$ during the period from mid November 2017 through to the last week of February 2018 bears some reflection. The screenshot is a Daily chart of the USDZAR. Let us take...

  • Even though the RAND was consistently weakening against the DOLLAR during the start of 2015, it was really from May that things started to move very fast with the pair becoming more and more volatile as the months continued.  We breached levels that many people...

  • At the start of a new year I want to congratulate all the software users that, by following the algorithm religiously, made incredible trades during 2015.  Thank you for the feedback we received from both Exporters and Importers sharing with us some of your best...

  • The Rand trading at near five-year lows against the Dollar, Pound and Euro may not be your biggest problem in foreign currency trading, but rather a distraction that hides a much more “fundamental” problem. You might be constantly asking questions like these: Will the Rand...

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CardinalNow does not guarantee 100% accuracy in its predictions. Foreign exchange price movements are uncertain future events, and accordingly, no perfect predictions can be made regarding the future state of any foreign exchange trends or prices. CardinalNow’s decision-making process is based on a rigorous mathematical and statistical model which is robust over a period of trading, and its predictions may not be correct with every trade. No representation is being made that any associated advice or training will guarantee profits, nor eliminate all losses from trading. The reader / user / company understands and agrees to undertake its own due diligence relating to transactions or business decisions.