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Esme Coetzee

Financial Manager – South Africa Hi-Tec Sports Distributors (Pty) Ltd.

I have been responsible for Forex at Hi-Tec Sports since 2001. The idea is not to gamble with Forex as our main focus of business is selling shoes and therefore we would always buy forward cover for at least six months. The biggest problem is when to buy? The software has changed my life. Since using the programme and sticking to our original decision of not gambling with Forex it became very easy to establish targets.

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Michele Van Eyssen

Accounts Department – Ambi-Lube (SA).

I would like to let you know that since purchasing the software in the beginning of October, your software have already saved us more than what we paid for the program – and that is in only 2 months. We are very impressed with your software and are extremely satisfied with the results. Thank you so much for the prompt service and for always being available to log in and sort out login queries and computer IDs.

H3i Squared - logo

Doron Kowensky

Managing Director – H3iSquared Unique Concept Solution.

I had a 1 year contract to conclude with a government entity. They requested I book the exchange rate but insisted I booked with the rate they received from their treasury. Of course this rate was better than the rate I received from my Forex. After accepting the customers rate, I used the software to determine the best time to book my rate for this contract. With the guidance of the software, I was able to wait an additional week and book the rate at the same rate the customer gave me which ensured I would not make a loss on this contract. I look forward to receiving more benefit from the software in the future.

Eveready - logo

Rob Simon

Director: Finance / Business Head: House of York – Eveready.

I have been using the software for approximately one year. The system is simple and provides reliable currency outlook in the short, medium and long term. This ensures that currency dealing is emotion free and not driven by nervous reaction to spikes (temporary) in the market. A great tool for all Treasury Managers.

Blue Atlantic - logo

Robert Zive

Managing Director – Blue Atlantic Trading.

Initially I did not always follow the recommendation generated by the indicator, but I soon realised that this was a mistake. And that every time I ignored the arrows we lost money over the long term.

Green Marketing - logo

Elche van der Westhuizen

Financial Manager – Green Marketing.

I use the software daily to keep track of the exchange rates and to get the best rates for the company. I am always aware of what the market is doing. Very friendly personnel and punctual support, with any issues normally resolved within the hour of the problem being reported. The software is extremely easy to use and understand. Would definitely recommend the product. Once you start using the software you cannot imagine how you managed without it.

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