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Fundamental analysis focuses on economic and political data to determine future market behaviour. While a longer-term fundamental view of the market can be correct, it does not inform “when” to exchange. Shorter-term, day to day trading remains full of surprises and can cause you to still be wrong regularly.

Our unique mathematical system is based on technical analysis. CardinalNow identifies patterns in foreign exchange rates created by mass psychology and market sentiment. It determines the most probable future movements in the market and provides the “when” to exchange. By keeping our finger on the pulse of price itself, we are reactive, not predictive.

CardinalNow is a defensive, risk mitigating system that focuses on long-term results.

Stop crystal-ball gazing and wishful thinking. Utilise mathematics.

View past performance

CardinalNow gives you the trading edge

  • Access to live data so you can follow the markets.
  • Realtime advice on the timing of foreign exchange trades gives you a truly defensive and profitable foreign exchange timing policy.
  • Historical trade records and comparative reports show where you could have saved money.
  • Data on all core currencies provides a broad view of the markets.
  • Our 100% mathematical system helps you to manage the unpredictability and volatility of foreign exchange markets.
  • Indicator software is easy-to-use, specifically developed for the volatile South African Rand, and proudly South African.

It’s in your hands

  • You can save a screenshot of the chart and indicator when you exchange, so you will always know when and why you made your decision.
  • You have more time to focus on your business.
  • Our system-generated email or SMS alerts notify you of price and new indicator levels.
  • Remove Key Person risk by training other staff members on the system.
  • You will create a new company-wide vocabulary for discussing foreign exchange.
  • We do not replace your banking partners – we help you time your trades better.

Our indicator works on the following currency pairs:

We are constantly adding new markets.

Euro – Rand

$ US Dollar – Rand

£ British Pound – Rand

  • Rand – Japanese Yen
  • Swiss Franc – Rand
  • Danish Krona – Rand
  • Australian Dollar – Rand
  • New Zealand Dollar – Rand

Comparison report summary

The trading result of CardinalNow compared to that of 11 other companies during Low, Medium and High volatility markets. The combined test totaled R3,088 billion worth of transactions. Only clients sample sizes of R60 million or more were used.

CardinalNow comparison report graph
  • CardinalNow
  • Other systems
* Company 10 outperformed CardinalNow during this specific comparison.  However, they still became a client because they were not sure exactly why or how they outperformed us, nor how to repeat their success in the future.

Capturing market

CardinalNow vs. The Market vs. Other systems

CardinalNow captures 55% – 89% of market opportunity with a 67% average.

Other systems capture only 45% – 70% with a 55% average.

Capturing market opportunity

See for yourself

Here are some comparison reports showing the results of trades made by a client and the same trades using CardinalNow.

Company A

Case summary graph Company C

After fee savings: 0,31%
Annualized savings: R 10 540 000

Company B

Case summary graph Company A

After fee savings: 0,46%
Annualized savings: R 7 067 500

Company C

Case summary graph Company B

After fee savings: 0,36%
Annualized savings: R 2 340 000

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      CardinalNow does not guarantee 100% accuracy in its predictions. Foreign exchange price movements are uncertain future events, and accordingly, no perfect predictions can be made regarding the future state of any foreign exchange trends or prices. CardinalNow’s decision-making process is based on a rigorous mathematical and statistical model which is robust over a period of trading, and its predictions may not be correct with every trade. No representation is being made that any associated advice or training will guarantee profits, nor eliminate all losses from trading. The reader / user / company understands and agrees to undertake its own due diligence relating to transactions or business decisions.