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Happy New Year – May you make excellent forex trades in 2016

At the start of a new year I want to congratulate all the software users that, by following the algorithm religiously, made incredible trades during 2015.  Thank you for the feedback we received from both Exporters and Importers sharing with us some of your best trades utilizing the algorithm.

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2015 was clearly an Exporter’s Market.  An Exporter could stand up and go out for a coffee and when he got back in front of the charts, the price was another 20 cents in his favor.

But what truly made us very excited was the feedback we received from Importers.  Although the bigger trend and market was clearly against you, you still managed with the help of the algorithm to benefit greatly from medium and even small term pullbacks in price.  It might only have  been 25 cents here and 3 cents there, but it all adds up.

Well done to all of you who strickly kept to the Decision Flowchart and the correct interpretation of the algorithm signals.  Especially when everything was going crazy around you and mass emotions where running wild.  Simply and unemotionally sticking to the rules allowed the mathematics to work for you and the proven EDGE of the algorithm to shine through.

We have experienced that the most difficult times for our clients to follow the indicator signals is when everything else is pointing in the opposite direction as indicated by the signals.  But that is precisely the moment when you need the cold, calculated probabilities of a system with a mathematical edge.  Otherwise the universal emotions of the forex market will tear you to pieces.  (We have all been there.  We still have the T-shirt.)

I want to encourage all our clients to continue to educate yourself and familiarize yourself more and more with the algorithm and it’s rules and mathematical angle on the market.  Our system is more than just the small blue and orange arrows on the screen, but rather a complete philosophy about the market and trading.

Regarding the bad trades you had to make during 2015:  Do not become discouraged.  The market takes away but it also gives back.  And just when you are convinced that a trend will NEVER turn again, the whole cycle repeats in the opposite direction.

IMPORTANT:  Do not measure the success of your trading based on your last, single trade, but rather step back a bit and look at the total result of your last 200 trades.  It is only then that you will see the power of trading a system with a proven edge, or the disaster that follows from shooting from the hip.

All the best for you, your company and your trading in 2016!

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